Carrie Madden
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Carrie Madden

Carrie Madden

Board President
Committee Member, Board Recruitment
Committee Member, Fund Development Committee Member, Personnel
Committee Member, Programs

Board member since: September 19, 2014

I was born in Burbank, California and raised in Glendale. I am the fourth child out of a family with six children. I was born with a disability called Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. My oldest sister and my younger brother also have it. Having siblings with the same disability made it so I never had the feelings of being alone.

I graduated with honors from Glendale Community College and California State University Northridge. I earned a BA in Pan-African Studies. Many people have asked why I majored in Pan-African Studies. The answer is simple really. Nearly every ethnic group that has come to this country has had its own struggle to gain civil rights. The right to education, transportation, voting, housing and in general to be treated with dignity and equality had to be fought for. In many ways these are the same struggle the disabled community is fighting today. I wanted to know the history of the battle and ways to solve the problems.

After college I went to work in construction rental equipment. I worked my way up from receptionist to purchasing agent. After about five years I moved on to healthcare. I worked my way up from working in a call center to work flow manager and claims processor. While working professionally I also did a lot of volunteer work. I helped to feed the homeless and ran a FEMA distribution center after the Northridge earthquake. I helped the visually impaired learn Braille. Plus, I helped many people with issues relating to Social Security and Medi-cal. After working for about twelve years my health started to decline and I had to quit working. When my health improved again I wanted to do more to help the disabled community. I was introduced to Lillibeth Navarro and to the great staff at CALIF. I started doing volunteer work mainly in fundraising. After several months Lillibeth offered me a job as a Benefits Advocate. I loved the job but once again my health started to decline and I had to quit.

Luckily for me, my health has improved once again and Lillibeth has asked me to be a member of the Board of Directors. I am truly honored. I look forward to using my skills and abilities to help to improve the lives of the disabled.